Cyber Defense

11 weeks, 25 hours / week

$3000.00 USD

What you'll learn

The Cyber Academy: Defense

The Cyber Academy: Defense focuses on key defensive skills. Taking up where Cyber Security: Immediate Immersion left off, this 11 week program will start you on the path to becoming a defensive cybersecurity professional. Development of the program was funded, in part, by the United States Department of Defense, and the curriculum was designed in conjunction with industry experts.

In the project-based, learn-by-doing curriculum of The Cyber Academy: Defense, you will work through six tasks (spending one to two weeks per task) online in a private cloud environment with constant help, advice, and feedback from knowledgeable mentors and extensive online learning resources. The tasks are embedded in the realistic, but fictional, context of work as an entry-level employee of a government cyber operations agency.

Enrollment in this program is only open to graduates of Cyber Security: Immediate Immersion program.

What you will do

The Cyber Academy: Defense includes the following tasks:

  1. Analyze a remote intrusion attempt
  2. Analyze a possible cyber attack
  3. Compile indicators of compromise to guide forensic analysis
  4. Find malware via forensic memory analysis
  5. Find malware in a disk image
  6. Report on your investigation

Skills you will learn

You will learn key defensive skills including:

  • Network traffic analysis
  • Network and system log analysis
  • Static and dynamic analysis of malicious binaries to identify indicators of compromise
  • Memory forensics
  • Disk forensics
  • Compiling and reporting a comprehensive timeline of a cyber attack

All while playing an authentic professional role and accomplishing realistic tasks as a cyber defender.

In addition to the task-based curriculum, an implicit curriculum runs throughout the program via which you will learn and practice the cognitive skills essential for success in all areas of information security. These include:

  • Understanding complex, novel problems
  • Effectively researching solutions
  • Designing and testing solutions.

Cyber Defense

2018-2019 Sessions

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Finding a job in infosec

Learning how to network is a part of the program!

Professional positions in cybersecurity, though abundant, are relatively new and an established and trusted credentialing system to help employers identify talent and confirm proficiency simply does not exist. For this reason, a certificate or degree is not the first thing a recruiter looks for when filling a position in Cybersecurity. Instead, most positions are filled through referrals and recommendations. This means that networking is the most important aspect of your job search in the field.

As part of each Cyber Security Programs, our mentors and program directors introduce students to a network of key Cyber/Information Security professionals through conferences, online communities, events and other activities. Our goal is to help you find employment within 6 months of completing any of our Cyber/Information Security programs.

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Our courses are entirely online, but they are not like any online courses you have ever seen. You will not be watching boring video lectures and taking tests; you will learn by doing with the help of knowledgeable mentors who are always available to provide meaningful advice and feedback on your work.

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