In this course, you are an independent contractor who develops custom websites for small organizations. The Northside Youth Soccer League (NYSL) has hired you to develop a website for their soccer teams. You will work on this website on your own and will learn to use modern HTML and CSS to produce an attractive, informative multi-page website based on the client's requirements.

To do this, you'll work through a series of tasks designed by experts in programming and web development to help you create a robust and useful website, and to reflect real challenges that arise during the website development process.

What is Website Development?

Website Development is the process of creating a website. The web development process includes:

  • Gathering the information to display on the website.
  • Deciding on a look and feel for the website.
  • Coding the web pages using HTML and CSS.
  • Validating that the HTML and CSS coding is correct and follows industry standards. 
  • Testing that the web pages work as specified, on multiple browsers.
What reference materials will I need?

This course references:

  • Ian Lloyd. Build Your Own Website the Right Way Using HTML & CSS. SitePoint. Third edition. (ISBN: 978-0987090850

The course also refers to Shaye Howe's Learn to Code HTML & CSS: Develop & Style Websites series. There is a print version of these lessons as well as the online course. (ISBN: 978-0321940520)

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Introduction to Website Development
A foundational course in HTML and CSS