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What kind of Cyber Security jobs are available?

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Security Operations Center Analyst

Responsible for detecting and remediating threats that make it past an organization's automated protections.

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Incident Responder

Responsible for triaging, analyzing, containing, and neutralizing cyber attacks.

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Digital Forensics Analyst

Responsible for analyzing technical artifacts such as computer memory and disk images to understand the nature of malware infections or find evidence of cyber crime.

Is Cyber Security right for you?

Do you become completely caught up in finding solutions to difficult problems and puzzles? You don't expect someone to tell you the answer, and in fact you generally don't like simply being told; you take pride in figuring things out for yourself. You might start with a Google search, but when nothing helpful is returned, you see that as a challenge to your own problem-solving skills rather than a defeat. Once you've become immersed in solving a problem, you can't let it go until you've succeeded, and you don't stop at the first solution; you want to find the best one. If this description fits you, then Cyber Security may be for you.

Everything is connected:

Why infosec is important

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Our courses are entirely online, but they are not like any online courses you have ever seen. You will not be watching boring video lectures and taking tests; you will learn by doing with the help of knowledgeable mentors who are always available to provide meaningful advice and feedback on your work.

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