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Cyber Security Academy is a 6 month 'deep dive' immersive learning experience. Developed for the US Department of Defense, this intensive program will teach you the skills you'll need to get a job in information security, guaranteed.*

Employment Guarantee:

Students will get an offer for a full-time job, a contracting job, or paid internship working at least 35 hours per week within six months of successfully completing a certificate program.

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Curious Minds Wanted

"There are probably only a 1,000 people in our country right now who really have the level of skills necessary to defend our infrastructure... I would offer that number needs to be 100,000."

-Frank DiGiovanni, Department of Defense

"We need to get to the bottom of this. I know you can figure it out. Let me know what you find."

You spend your day as you would in a real job, tackling the issue at hand, using your wits and resources to find, understand, and solve real problems. This unique, immersive program leaves you with more than a tactical skill set, it enables you to gain insights and problem-solving approaches that come from having real on the job experience.

If you have access to a computer and internet access, you're ready to get started. No college degree or high school diploma needed - you will experience everything you need to learn.

What You'll Learn


Immersive, authentic situational narratives engage learners in a work-like environment focused on applicable skill sets rather than theoretical concepts.

Program Cost

$7,500 USD

50% due when accepted into the program,
25% due by week 7,
remaining 25% due by week 13 of session

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Spring / Summer

April 2nd - September 28th

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Summer / Fall

June 4th - November 30th

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Fall / Winter

September 10th - March 8th

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What People Are Saying


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I never realized how compelling cyber-security is.

It's like solving a complex puzzle - it's tough to walk away from, and when you do, you find yourself running though scenarios in your head! I thought I would need to be more of a "techy" than I am, but that just isn't the case, it's my curiosity and interest in figuring things out that make me good at this. I can do this and never be bored!

Sam, Student

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